Tanya MacLeod


hometown: Boston, MA

what was the experience of your first Baptiste class?

I struggled and could barely hold downward facing dog for more than a breath or two. I left with sweat dripping from my body and for the first time in a very long time, felt more connected to myself. I knew in that moment, I wanted more.

why Baptiste yoga?

After leaving my fast-paced career, moving to the Capital District and giving birth to my daughter, I was lonely, isolated and living away from my family and friends. My body wasn’t the same and my mind and heart were in different places. What started as a physical practice, quickly became more. I started to see a shift in my body, mind and spirit as a result of the practice. Baptiste Yoga works! The transformation that carried from my mat to my life, became a lifestyle and how I wanted to and am living from now. I’m committed to sharing it with as many people as possible, it is for anybody.

favorite place traveled? Bali

favorite pose? Right now, headstand

outside studio? Lately it’s been lots things - metabolic, rowing, running and always hanging with my 6 year old daughter

training? Baptiste Level One, Level Two, Level Three, Fit to Lead, Apprentice Level One, Art of Assisting, Being of Power, #unstoppable, #unstoppable Facilitator, YOD Level 1