Marisa Keppler

hometown: Ballston Spa, New York

what was the experience of your first Baptiste class?

I can sum up my first experience in a Baptiste class in four simple words. Intense, Challenging, Powerful, Fun!

why Baptiste yoga?

Since my first Baptiste class over five (5) years ago, I consistently come back to one of Baptiste’s governing laws, “Commit to Growth”. For me, I define it as…being good enough is simply put, not good enough. To be great, it requires commitment and continuous exploration and inquiry of self. In order to be successful on this journey, I strive to be intentional with my own transformation, development, and growth. My first Baptiste class tested not only my physical abilities, but my emotional and mental limits as well. This still rings true for classes I take today. This practice continues to create opportunities for me to look within and find areas where I can go further, where I perceive limitations, how I can accomplish or give more, and how to become better. A better leader, mother, friend, sister, daughter…a better version of me.

favorite place traveled? My favorite place traveled to date has to be Salt Lake City, UT. Not just because the landscape and City is gorgeous (and impeccably clean), but because it was because I traveled to visit my brother, stationed at Hill AFB. It was almost 20 years ago and I remember every bit of my anticipation and excitement prior to the plane landing. Once reunited, I was present for an entire week; enjoying every minute spent with my little brother.

favorite pose? Crow! I love an arm balance challenge!

outside studio? When I am not working (accountant) or at the studio, you can find me cheering on my son, Tommy, at his many sporting games/events. I love watching his passion for sport and his skillsets for same develop. I also enjoy traveling, hosting spontaneous dance parties of one (usually in the car), spending time with my friends and family, and listening to music.

training? Baptiste Level One, Level Two, Art of Assisting, Assisting Course, Art of True North Alignment, #unstoppable