Jess Padula

hometown: Schenectady, NY

what was the experience of your first Baptiste class?

I had never sweat so much in my life!  My first Baptiste class was with Brandon Compagnone in Northampton Massachusettes.  I remember focusing my gaze on the window in front of me while a mixture of tears and sweat ran down my face while in tree pose.  I felt awake, alive, rinsed out, stretched out, and connected in to my body, the teacher, and the people in the room. Immediately, I knew that Baptiste Yoga was the practice and community for me.

why Baptiste yoga?

I landed in a sweat-filled Baptiste studio while on a field trip one day and my life was immediately, and undeniably changed forever.  What I experienced in that class left me feeling a sense of connection, accomplishment, and belonging like I had never felt before. The rigor of the practice, in addition to the inclusion I felt from their community members and leaders caused me to shift my focus to training with the Baptiste Institute and dedicating my profession, and life outside the studio to mastering and implementing the Methodology in all aspects of teaching and life.

favorite place traveled? Hawaii

favorite pose? Half Moon

outside studio? Crossfit, running, mom of 2 girls

Training: Baptiste Level One, Level Two, Level Three, Fit to Lead, Apprentice Level One, Art of Assisting, Advanced Art of Assisting, Being of Power, YOD Level 1, Vinyasa Yoga 200hr