Jared Greener


hometown: Centereach, NY (Long Island)

what was the experience of your first Baptiste class?

My first Baptiste class was my first day of 40 Days to Personal Revolution. My husband and I had taken a couple of beginner classes with Jess when she announced that she, Tanya, and Sheryl would be leading 40 Days within a couple of weeks time. After a two exchange conversation of “do you wanna?” and “sure” we signed up and have never looked back.

why Baptiste yoga?

Two reasons. 1. The community. 2. Baptiste yoga is more than just a physical practice. The full practice of Baptiste yoga incorporates meditation and inquiry in addition to asana.

favorite place traveled? Toss up between London and Kauai

favorite pose? Eka Pada Baddha Malasana - one legged bound garland pose

outside studio? I’m a runner and I lead a free weekly fitness group

training? Baptiste Level One, Art of Assisting, Styles 200hr YTT