Carly Capitula

hometown: Schenectady, NY

what was the experience of your first Baptiste class?

Sweat. All of it. Everywhere. The physical practice was just what I was looking for.

why Baptiste yoga?

I started taking yoga classes as a way to compliment other workouts. I soon found the Baptiste classes were my favorite. The demanding physical practice got me out of my head. Sure the chatter popped up from time to time during class, but I've learned to let it go. The practice has taught me to stay in the pose when it's uncomfortable - that's where growth happens. I learned to breathe and to begin again - two things that drive my yoga practice and my life off the mat. Mediation and inquiry, which along with the vinyasa make up the practices of Baptiste yoga. I've incorporated these 3 techniques into my relationships and professional life. The connections I've made to myself, my teachers and the community have become deeper and more meaningful as a result of Baptiste yoga.

favorite place traveled? Alaska

favorite pose? Triangle

outside studio? Hosting friends at my house with the BPYCD hype-guy Dennis & hanging out with my dog Bode

training: Baptiste Level One, Level Two, Assisting Course, Being of Power